Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Derrick (The Single Daddy Club #1), by Donna Fasano (author), Laura Jennings (narrator)

Donna Fasano, April 2013 (original publication February 1997)

Derrick Richmond has uprooted his life, resigned his naval commission, and started his own accounting business so that he can provide a stable home life for his godson, Timmy. He's raising his godson now because, ten months ago, Timmy's father, his cousin James, also a Navy officer, died in a training accident.

Timmy has never really had a stable home life, and Derrick has never before James's death been responsible for a child. He knows he has a lot to learn, and a lot to work through with Timmy.

But when Anna Maxwell, Timmy's kindergarten teacher, says Timmy is having behavior problems and needs "extra help," Derrick has visions of the labeling of the "special ed" kids when he was in school, and is determined not to listen to her on the subject.

But he very much does want to do right by Timmy, and knows he needs help.

Meanwhile, Anna Maxwell loves kids, but has her own little secret on the subject, one which she thinks is an insurmountable obstacle to true love.

It's a nice story, about novella length I think, and Anna and Derrick are both likable. This is a nice little read, or listen. Recommended.

I received this audiobook as a gift from the author.

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