Friday, September 5, 2014

The Quiet Gentleman, by Georgette Heyer (author), Cornelius Garret (narrator)

BBC WW, ISBN 9780792761525, September 2008 (original publication 1951)

Gervase Frant, the new Earl of St. Erth, returns home unscathed from the Napoleonic Wars to claim his estate--somewhat to the disappointment of his stepmother, the dowager Countess, and his half-brother, Martin. His only friend in the old castle of Stanyon is his cousin, Theo Frant, who has been serving as manager of the Frant lands and investments. Intent on getting reacquainted with his childhood home and taking hold of his responsibilities, he finds himself facing Lady St. Erth's resentment and Martin's hostility.

And then he starts to have a string of potentially deadly accidents. When his horse trips and throws him on an open lane, only the chance arrival of his stepmother's young guest, Miss Drusilla Morville, prevents it from being fatal--and ensures the discovery of a cord across the lane, that proves it was no accident.

Gervase has to find out who his real enemy is, in the midst of people who are almost total strangers to him.

This is a Georgette Heyer regency romance, and if you know and love them, it's almost not necessary to say any more. It's light and fun, without being absolutely unaware of the realities of the period. Unlike many of her novels, this one focuses more on the male side of the romance than the female side. The mystery isn't too hard to figure out, but is nicely handled.


I bought this book.

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