Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Friday Night Knitting Club (Friday Night Knitting Club #1), by Kate Jacobs (author), Carrington MacDuffie (narrator)

Blackstone Audiobooks, ISBN 9781433201813, August 2007

Georgia Walker had her heart broken in her mid-twenties, and has spent the intervening thirteen years raising her daughter Dakota alone. She's built a successful small business, running a yarn shop, Walker and Daughter, and is starting to build a small reputation as a designer of elegant knit clothing. To her own surprise, as socially withdrawn as she has been since the break-up with Dakota's father, she has recently started a Friday night knitting group in her shop, and has started to regard this odd collection of women as friends.

Then Dakota's father, James, comes back from France, a successful architect, and wants to be involved in Dakota's life. That's hard enough for Georgia to accept; she's never really gotten over the feelings of pain and betrayal from James' sudden departure from her life just when she thought they'd be starting a family together.

What's really tough is when James seems to be showing an interest in her again.

With Dakota just hitting her teenage years and trying out an independent identity, and Georgia's old high school friend Cathy, now back in New York as Cat, an unhappy Park Avenue housewife, bringing with her more feelings of betrayal and resentment, and at the same time longing for the friendship they had before, Georgia's life is in emotional turmoil. Together with her knitting club friends, each of whom is grappling with her own secrets and life transitions, Georgia struggles to find what she really wants, and to find her way.

The characters are interesting, compelling, not always likable, but never dull. What I didn't care for was the ending, which came as a shock and did not seem to fit the book. I honestly don't know whether I'll pick up any more books in the series.

I borrowed this book from the library.

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