Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Crack in Everything (Susan Callisto Mystery #1), by Angela Gerst (author), Xe Sands (narrator)

Blackstone Audiobooks, ISBN 9781455109708, September 2011

Susan Callisto has left the law firm where she started out as a real estate attorney for a career as a political consultant, supporting candidates for local office. When Charles Renfrow walks in, asking her to work on his campaign for Mayor of Telford, MA, offering a $20,000 retainer, she should be thrilled. She's not, in part because he's crowding her. But Renfrow is persistent, persuasive, and that $20,000 will make a big difference in her struggle to pay her bills. They make a handshake deal that she'll advise his campaign if he can get the necessary signatures by the filing deadline--just a few days away.

Friends warn her away. Friend and client restaurant owner Nino says Renfrow has cold eyes. Another political consultant tells her Renfrow's biotech company is being investigated for toxic dumping. And before the filing deadline arrives, Susan discovers the body of Renfrow's aide,

As she uncovers one lie after another, from Renfrow, his (ex?)wife, one of her other clients, Roddy Baird, candidate for alderman in Newton, she soon has no idea who to trust.

And if life weren't complicated enough, the murder has brought her former boyfriend, police detective Michael Benedict, back into her life.

There is nice characterization here, and great plotting, plus the fun of it being set in the greater Boston area, by a writer who clearly knows the area. I'm looking forward to reading more of Susan's adventures.


I borrowed this book from the library.

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