Thursday, May 23, 2024

I Am AI: A Novelette, by Ai Jiang

Shortwave Media, ISBN 9781959565093, June 2023

Ai is a cyborg living in grim world, a self-built community on the edge of the city of Emit, controlled by the New Era corporation. There are jobs at New Era, but they are grim, relentless, soul-crushing jobs. And every citizen, working for New Era, or living on the edge in Ai's community, owes a large debt to New Era for just the necessities of surviving to adulthood.

Ai, masquerading as an AI writing program, is determined to pay off their own debt, which includes the debts of their parents and the aunt who raised them after their parents were killed. They became a cyborg to increase efficiency and earning ability.

But are they losing something with each upgrade?

Early on, I thought I might regret reading this. I didn't. It's excellent.

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