Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Larry at Number 10, by E.C. Radcliffe (author), Dave Hill (illustrator)

Matador, January 2021

Larry is the famous Chief Mouser at No. 10 Downing Street, the official residence, of the UK's Prime Minister. This is a children's picture book about Larry's adventures.

Larry has been through a few Prime Ministers, but the newest official chief resident has committed an outrage; he has brought in a dog! Is this dog, Dilyn, good at mousing? Not unless it's a squeaky toy mouse! Does he do dutiful paw-trol with Larry? He does not! Is he even capable of sitting on a windowsill, keeping lookout? Of course not! On top of everything, instead of chasing mice, he chases sausage strings!

That's along with getting walks, tickles, and compliments on how adorable the silly dog is, while Larry is busy meeting Im-purrtant People.

Larry tells us about Dilyn's outrages, the bizarre fact that the Boss thinks Dilyn is cute, and likes to take him for walks. He also tells of the disgraceful purr-formance of the other cats on the street, Palmerstone at the Foreign Office, and Gladstone at Treasury. Larry is really annoyed by the sad purr-formance of his fellow four-footed civil servants. And the a crisis arises that only Larry and Dilyn can solve--together!

A cat-burglar gets in, and with the entire building asleep, it's up to Larry and Dilyn to defeat and capture the miscreant!

Will they succeed? Will the miscreant be captured? Will Larry and Dilyn become friends?

It's cute, and it's fun. Pretend you're buying it for your kid or grandkid.

I bought this book, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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