Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Butter Spirit's Tithe, by Charles de Lint

Triskell Press, April 2012 (original publication January 2004)

Conn O'Neill is a brilliant guitarist, but not a commanding lead performer, and that's why he's working as a janitor in an office building when he meet the Butter Spirit, a rather mean and vengeful spirit, and unintentionally disrespects him. The spirit curses him for seven years, and says that at the end of the seven years, Conn will be his tithe to the Grey Man.

While much of the cursing is petty harassment, not all of it is--particularly with regard to Conn's girlfriend. But for all the problems, he keeps on picking up gigs as a guitarist, and eventually becomes Miki Greer's regular accompanist. 

When seven years has passed, and the day the Grey Man will claim him approaches, Conn finally has to tell Miki what happened, and will happen. As those who've read Forests of the Heart are aware, Miki Greer knows something about the spirits and their ways. She sets a plan in motion. However, she only tells Conn to be ready, not anything about what her plan is or what to be ready for.

It's a warm and charming short story about friendship, love, courage, paying attention to details, and being just tricky enough.

Highly recommended.

I bought this short story.

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