Sunday, August 1, 2021

Ghostsitter - A Crazy Inheritance (Ghostsitter #1) by Tommy Krappweis, Michael Braun (narrator), Marc Vietor (narrator), Jay Snyder (narrator), Dina Pearlman (narrator), Cynthia Darlow (narrator), Stephen Bel Davies (narrator), James Fouhey (narrator), Jenna Yi (narrator), Jessie Cannizzaro (narrator), Kevin T. Collins (narrator), Mateo D'Amato (narrator)

Audible Originals, June 2020 (original publication October 2015)

Tom is a fourteen-year-old boy living with his adopted grandmother when he receives a letter from a law firm inviting him to the reading of a will. It's the will of his great-uncle, Heinrich, his grandmother's brother. He's just absorbing that information when there's a knock at the door. The man at the door is his Uncle Welf.

It's worth noting that Tom had never heard of Great-Uncle Heinrich or Uncle Welf before.

Uncle Welf drives them to the reading of the will, where Tom learns that he will inherit more than ten million euros if he takes control of Heinrich's ghost train carnival ride, the Terror Train, and keeps it operating until he's eighteen. Uncle Welf, of course, will be his agent because he's underage, but he'll have to travel with the ride.

These revelations are followed immediately by the arrival of a very sinister-looking man with a very fake foreign accent, and his companion, a woman dressed equally dramatically in red,00. The man wants to buy the ghost train from Tom for 100,000 euros, a sum he expects to completely overwhelm Tom. He also expects that fourteen-year-old Tom will want to spend it on toys and sweets. The clash that follows is entertaining, and Tom learns something about what Welf is good at. Nevertheless, he signs the will, and Welf promptly gets ready to escort him to the ghost train and his new life.

Things get even more confusing for him, and entertaining for the listener, when Tom meets Mimi (the ghost girl), Hop-Tep (an Egyptian mummy),Wombie (a zombie), and Vlarad, a vampire.

What follows is exciting, confusing, and entertaining. I'm not saying this is great literature, but it is a lot of fun. The full-cast narration is very well done and adds to the enjoyment.

I bought this audiobook.

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