Sunday, March 21, 2021

Odder Than Ever, by Bruce Coville (author), The Full Cast Family (narrators)

Full Cast Audio, February 2021

This is a really enjoyable collection of short stories, some fantasy, some science fiction, some riffing on fairy tale themes and settings.

There's a boy whose father is a diplomat--and Earth's first ambassador to another planet. It's challenging being the only alien in his school, but that's not the big challenge he faces. At a critical diplomatic dinner, his presence required by the customs of the planet they're on, but including the ambassador from another planet, where someone as near physical size and development as Jacob is not considered a child. Jacob makes a mistake, and doing the adult thing may cost him something he truly loves.

"The Stinky Princess" doesn't like the boring, sweet scents she's expected to wear, and things the goblin ambassador to her father's court smells much more interesting. This ultimately leads to her hiding in his saddlebag when he's returning to that kingdom--where, it turns out, he's the king's son. But while the princess now smells to gobliny to be acceptable at her father's court now, neither she nor the goblin prince smell gobliny enough to be fully acceptable in the goblin court--though the goblins are much more gracious and tolerant about it than the humans are. The prince and princess need to find a solution that will let them be comfortable and happy. 

"The Giant's Tooth" features Edgar getting seized and thrust into a giant's mouth, and saved from going down his gullet by Meghan, who has been living there for years, in a home chiseled out of one of the giant's teeth. Edgar chisels his own home out of a nearby tooth. It turns out two people can make more improvements than just one--including rescuing more people, and finding ways to "rescue" more acceptable food and drink, and ultimately, build a community.

That's just a small sampling. There's much more, including a true horror story.

This is funny, thoughtful, kind, humane collection, and very rewarding to listen to.


I bought this audiobook.

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