Sunday, February 28, 2021

Chaos in Cambridge, by Alison Golden

Mesa Verde Publishing, July 2020

This novella is an "Insiders Exclusive," for subscribers to Alison Golden's Insiders newsletter.

It's a prequel to her Reverend Annabelle Dixon mysteries, and in this one, Annabelle is just eighteen, and starting as a student at the Divinity school at Cambridge University. She has barely settled into her room when she meets the previous occupant of that room, a departing student who cheerfully announces that she's known as Clumsy Clara. Clara still has a few last things to get out of the room, and Annabelle offers to help her. They get Clara's things to her van, and then Clara gives her a tour of the campus, and an introduction to Professor Baskerville, one of the Divinity professors. Clara departs, and Annabelle gets acquainted with Professor Baskerville.

He's preparing for a presentation at a conference the next day, but the book he's working on, a fifth century text he's been translating, has disappeared. He's fretting about the disastrous loss of the rare manuscript, but also about being humiliated before the academic world in general, and a particular rival on the faculty.

Soon Annabelle is off on a hunt to recover the book. She's impulsive, rash, but brimming with good intentions and goodwill, and manages to make friends on her wild hunt, and in the process gets very well acquainted with Cambridge.

It's light, fun, and lets us get acquainted with a very believable, and lovable, young Annabelle.

I received this ebook free from the author, as a subscriber to her newsletter, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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