Saturday, December 26, 2020

Uptown Local and Other Interventions, by Diane Duane

Badfort Press, February 2014 (original publication February 2011)

This is an absolutely delightful collection of Diane Duane's short stories. 

They cover a wide range of her work, and there's bound to be several here you haven't read before. Leprechauns coping with the challenges, and facing new dangers, of modern Ireland, in the 1990s "Celtic tiger" period. A man who seeks a clockmaker's help in getting back the truly valuable thing he lost when he was ten, in a house fire and burglary. (It's not what he thinks.) A queen is confronted by the twin challenges of a dragon angry that her prized treasure has been stolen, and the heroes that are, for sure, real soon now, going to go deal with the dragon. Some modern criminals/terrorists hire a Swiss computer hacker who has been around a little longer than they think, to help them steal Nazi gold from the major Swiss banks.

There are also two Young Wizards stories, here, one of them involving Nita and Kit when they were brand-new wizards, and, like many young teenagers, too easily bored. Tom gives them an unusual and seemingly pointless assignment to get them out of his hair--and perhaps accomplish something else.

There's a lot of fun to be had, here. Enjoy!

I bought this ebook.

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