Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Marjorie's Cozy Kitten Cafe (Books 1-3), by Katherine Hayton (author), Kirsty Gilmore (narrator)

Chirp Audio, April 2020

Marjorie Hardaway runs a kitten cafe in the small New Zealand town of Hanmer Springs. Selling good coffee and excellent pastries, she encourages and facilitates the adoption of the kittens wandering all over her cafe, charming the customers. Unfortunately, her business might be about to go under. A local developer is planning to open a competing business--in front of hers, building on a section of land she had thought couldn't be developed, and thus cutting off the beautiful view her cafe currently has.

Even this concern fades into the background, though, when the police ask her to take in a little calico kitten--who was apparently a witness to the murder of one of her neighbors.

Her next adventure involves one of her regular customers, Fletcher Byrne, who had half-completed an adoption form for her escape artist kitten, Houdini, when he dashed out of the cafe in response to the news of police conducting a major drug bust in his neighborhood. Several days later, he still hasn't been seen by anyone, and soon she has Fletcher's twin brother, two women claiming to be Fletcher's girlfriend, and a rather scary drug dealer on her hands.

In the third story, Christmas is fast approaching, and Marjorie is baking for the community center and its upcoming party along with her own cafe. She's also got a new kitten on hand--a Lykoi kitten, whose owner, Marjorie's former accountant, was found dead. She has to keep him safe until the man's family can be contacted. This would be working better if her own permanent cat, chocolate Persian Monkey Business, didn't strenuously object to the presence of this particular kitten. Things don't get easier when the community center is broken into and all the Christmas gifts for foster children stolen.

There are no graphic scenes of any kind, and no foul language. There is a great abundance of cute kittens, and cute kitten antics. So, sure, Hanmer Springs seems to be shaping up to be a small town with a crime rate to rival Jessica Fletcher's Cabot Cover. But how else do you get a series of fun cozies set in a small town?

It's fun. Enjoy.

I bought this audiobook.

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