Thursday, October 1, 2020

Hectic Halloween Hijinks (Witches of Enchanted Bay #12), by Amelia Morgan

Amelia Morgan, October 2020

Meg Walton, witch and donut maker in the little town of Enchanted Bay, is worried about her boyfriend, police detective Connor Smith, has lost his confidence.

And for a police detective, that could potentially be fatal. Hesitating at the wrong moment could get him killed.

Connor, until recently, was under a werewolf curse. He locked himself up in a cage in his basement during the full moon to avoid killing innocent people when he was in wolf form. Recently, Meg and other witches managed to lift the werewolf curse, and Connor is a normal man again. As grateful and happy as he is, he's worried that the loss of the wolf has cost him his confidence and effectiveness. 
Meg wants to give him his confidence back. She's looking for a spell with minimal or no side effects that can give him a needed boost and get him back on track. Can she?

I'd never say these stories are great literature, but they're light and fun, and always a good bet when you need some distraction or a boost in mood. This one does the same. A visit to Enchanted Bay is a good addition to the day.


I received a free electronic galley of this story from the author.

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