Thursday, May 7, 2020

Inside Jobs: Tales From a Time of Quarantine, by Ben H. Winters (author), Scott Aiello (narrator), Kevin T. Collins (narrator), Ellen Archer (narrator)

Audible Originals, April 2020

This is a collection of three short stories, set in the current pandemic shutdown.

A small but very professional criminal gang plans their next job via Zoom meetings. It seems it doesn't matter what your profession is; working from home has its own problems, of kids and spouse competing for space, of getting everyone on screen and audio at the same time, and those embarrassing moments when your coworkers see things you'd forgotten would be visible.
Two brothers who haven't spoken in years return to their childhood home, which their father never left and where he has now died. The two brothers each have their own plans for the house, and the plans are not compatible. Unfortunately, there's a hid with a GoPro.
A young woman is using the shutdown to catch up on projects she's neglected, including photography. She sets up a camera to take timelapse images of a rosebud opening. Unfortunately, she messes up the focus, and gets much better pictures of what one of her neighbors is up to.

These are short, absorbing, entertaining stories.


I received this audiobook as part of Audible's Audible Originals offerings, and am reviewing it voluntarily. 

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