Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Uncover, by Amanda Linehan (author), Nicole Blessing (narrator)

Amanda Linehan, June 2019

Marissa is a senior in high school, whose best friend, Olivia, was killed in a car crash just a few days before the start of the school year. Marissa doesn't really know how to cope with her grief, and when Olivia's younger sister, Jordan, comes to her with a plan, she listens, and reluctantly cooperates.

Soon, Jordan and a group of Olivia's friends--Marissa, Jaye, Aaron, and Peter--are hiking in the woods, to a site where Olivia often wrote in her journal, and where Jordan thinks she may have hidden it. There's some room for question, whether the car crash was just an accident, or whether Olivia committed suicide, and for Jordan, it's really important to know.

These are teenagers, on a search that's emotional for them. They of course neglected to tell anyone where they were going; they were of course going to be back before supper.

That some of the kids left their phones in their cars was a bit much for me. That the ones who did have phones with them managed to let their phones lose charge, though, I found completely believable!

They don't find Olivia's journal, and they, of course, don't get back to their cars in time. They wind up lost in the woods, in the dark.

There are all smart kids, and good kids. But under stress, they make some quite believable unwise decisions, and they are not always, under the increasing stress, their best selves.

And there are scary thingss in the woods at night.

I really enjoyed this, teenagers having a very believable teenage misadventure. Recommended

I received a free copy of this audiobook from the author via StoryOrigin.

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