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Pefect Match, by Zoe May

HQ Digital, January 2018

Sophia Jones is a copy editor at a medical research journal, an aspiring novelist, and part of a circle of friends she's known since university days. Most of her friends are paired off now, but she's still searching for her perfect match. She's been doing that mainly by way of online dating sites. The results have been dismal. The latest is a boring young man called Chris, who spouts endless streams of facts about food, and engages in battle board games with little figurines. The figurines part seems especially silly and pointless to Sophia. And really, who needs to know all those facts about noodles?

She is not giving that guy a second chance.

In fact, she almost decides to stop looking for someone at all. She's tried most of the dating sites, and hasn't found anyone worthwhile. Her friend and roommate, Kate, though, persuades her to give it one more go, on one more site. This time, she's going to do a wildly crazy and explicit profile outlining her perfect man. A multimillionaire, who travels, and who among other details has very specific measurements in a certain body part.

And among all the predictably awful responses, she gets one from a guy who meets every requirement. Sophia is soon dating Daniel, who is handsome, ripped, charming, rich, and loves spending money on her. What could be better?

Meanwhile, purely through chance, she meets Chris again, and starts to get a less jaundiced view of him. He's really a nice guy, a sweet guy, not even as dull as she thought he was. He's not the guy she wants, but there's someone out there for him.

Daniel continues to wow her, except, along the way, there are some hitches. He's annoyed when she drags him off to an impromptu party to celebrate actor Kate landing the role of Mollie Ralston in Mousetrap. They always do what he wants to do, always go places he likes--places where she's always a little off balance, private clubs and five-star Michelin restaurants. They even only watch the tv programs he likes.

Is something wrong here?

We're also getting to know Sophia's friend, an eclectic and interesting, and very likable, circle of people.

It's all quite well done, and goes interesting places.


I received a free electronic galley from the publisher, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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