Friday, January 10, 2020

From Garden to Grave (Leafy Hollow #1), by Rickie Blair (author), Petrea Burchard (narrator)

Barkley Books, December 2019

Verity Hawkes has been hiding out in her apartment in Vancouver for two years, ever since her husband, Matthew, died. Now she's gotten a call from her Aunt Adeline's lawyer, Wilford Munson. Adeline's car was pulled out of a river, and while Adeline wasn't in it, neither has she turned up anywhere else. She's missing and presumed dead. And recluse Verity needs to come to tiny Leafy Hollow, Ontario, to settle her aunt's estate, right now.

Reluctantly, Verity takes her first trip in two years.

Her aunt's Rose Cottage, which she remembers so fondly, is in very sad shape. Her aunt's garden has clearly been neglected longer than Adeline has been missing. Her lawn care business is alive, but in the red, because Adeline hasn't been going after unpaid invoices in a while.

This is not going to be the short trip and then back into hiding in her Vancouver apartment that Verity has hoped for. Something is very wrong, and she's not at all convinced her aunt is dead.

Soon, while continuing to believe that she's absolutely going back to Vancouver as soon as possible, Verity is making friends, forming connections, doing small, helpful things for people, getting caught up in trying to run her aunt's business effectively. And, of course, trying to figure out why her aunt disappeared.

The first part of the book had me jumpy (like Verity, I do have anxiety issues), with events that seemed to happen just a little bit too quickly and randomly. Then either the book settled down or I did, and became quite enjoyable. Even across this rather short book, characters grew and developed and showed more depth than seemed likely at first meeting. By the end, I really wanted to see more of most of them.

Recommended for a light read.

I received a free copy of this audiobook from the author, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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