Friday, November 1, 2019

A Killer Collection (A Collectible Mystery #1), by Ellery Adams/J.B. Stanley (author), Andi Arndt (narrator)

Tantor Audio, February 2016

Molly Appleby is a writer for magazine "Collector's Weekly," and her latest assignment is checking out a pottery kiln opening, a world her mother, Clara, is intimately familiar with. At the opening, she meets a prominent, arrogant, obnoxious pottery collector. An unpleasant encounter, but most of the people there are pleasant enough, and she knows some of them. She pick up information for her article, and also finds a piece of pottery to buy.

And then the unpleasant man collapses in front of her. 911 is called, but when the ambulance carries him away, the siren isn't sounding--he's already dead. The man was a diabetic, and is found in the autopsy to have had far too much insulin in his system. Accidnetal  overdoes, is everyone's initial assumption.

Except that Molly is sure there was something very strange, and not at all right, about how he was moving just before he collapsed.

Molly is a reporter, if a very specialized one. She can't stop asking questions, overhearing conversations, getting to know people, listening when they talk.

There are small but valuable pieces missing from the dead man's collection. His former friend, local pharamcist and fellow collector, disappears the day he died. There are all sorts of rivalries and feuds in the pottery collecting world, and little mysteries like why one previously noted local potter suddenly stopped doing any art pottery or selling to the public two years ago. The relationship between the dead guy and his wife was really strange, too, as she hated his pottery collection and it strained their relationship to the point where they lived in separate wings of thei house.

What is going on here?

It's light, it's fun, and the characters are enjoyable. Recommended.

I bought this audiobook.

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