Sunday, April 7, 2019

Degrees of Separation (Adventures in the Liaden Universe #27), by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Pinbeam Books, January 2018

Don Eyr fer'Gasta clan Serat is unwanted by his uncle, the delm, after the death of his mother, but he grudingly accepts him because there's no alternative that doesn't involve loss of honor. He's left to the care of the House staff, and learns to cook and bake, until his cousin the na'delm returns from school. After some mild intervention, Don Eyr is offered his choice of school, preferably offworld, away from the delm. He chooses the Ecole de Cuisine, on Lutetia, and is accepted.

Twelve years later, he's a graduate, is teaching some classes there, and beginning to make plans for what he'll do next. He meets Captain Serana Benoit, of the Watch, after he protects one of his students from the unwanted attentions of a member of the Council, and becomes a target in his turn. They're making their own plans, when Don Eyr is summoned home to Liad by his delm, for reasons that prove to be less honorable than implied.

It's on Liad, with Don Eyr trapped for the moment by his uncle's greed and mismanagement, that Don Eyr and Serana begin to develop a plan of action, and a newset of goals for their future. Oh, and for the impoverished and abandoned residents of Low Port.

This is, as always, an interesting and enjoyable visit to the Liaden universe, with fun, adventure, and decent, admirable characters as our protagonists. We keep getting glimpses of new and different parts of that universe.


I bought this book.

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