Saturday, March 2, 2019

Murder of Crows (The Twenty-Sided Sorceress #2), by Annie Bellet (author), Folly Blaine (narrator)

Doomed Muse Press, March 2015 (original publication August 2014)

Jade Crow, sorceress and game shop owner, is completely focused on preparing herself for the inevitable coming confrontation with her murderous ex-lover Samir--at least until her father Jasper, who threw her out of the Three Feathers Crow tribe decades ago, comes knocking on her door, asking for help. The Three Feathers Crow tribe aren't just Native Americans of Crow heritage; they are crow shifters. All the adult members of the tribe are crow shifters. They have to be. Those who aren't crow shifters get expelled from the tribe--permanently. That's why Jade was expelled; being a sorceress isn't an acceptable substitute for being a crow shifter.

But now, someone is killing the Crow. One by one, and horribly. The Council sent a Justice--Carlos, a lion shifter who is a friend of Jade's lover Alek, a tiger shifter and another Justice.

Alek hasn't been able to reach Carlos since a day or so before he showed up at Three Feathers, and disappeared.

It doesn't matter how much Jade hates her father. There are too many deaths, too horrific, and a Justice shouldn't just disappear. Neither Alek nor Jade can turn their backs on this.

And once in Three Feathers, they start to learn shocking things--about the tribe, about Jade's grandfather, about what's really going on with the expulsions of non-crow shifters.

And about Jade's own family.

This is a novella, and it's a rough emotional experience for Jade in a short space of time. Yet she also learns a lot about herself, her own personal strength, and the complexities of why her family kicked her out. There's more than one terrible crime here to be solved.

It's engrossing, well-plotted, and Jade's character both grows, and is revealed a little more.


I bought this audiobook.

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