Sunday, March 3, 2019

A Mind of Her Own, by Paula McLain (author), Hillary Huber (narrator)

Audible Studios, February 2019

In 1893, Marie Sklodowska, twenty-five years old, is studying science at the Sorbonne, one of the few universities in the world admitting women. Even Paris isn't especially friendly to women pursuing careers in science, and Marie is completely focused on her studies, convinced, with some justification, that romance can only be a roadblock.

Then she meets Pierre Curie, thirty-five, a physicist, with major accomplishments and possibly heading toward greatness. He offers assistance--better equipment so that she can work more efficiently.

And, soon, he wants to court her. He sees her as the partner he's dreamed of, a woman who can share his scientific work as well as family life.

Marie still sees men as obstacles.

Can Pierre change her mind? Can Marie have the career she wants, and love?

This is a short story, a tiny slice of the lives of Marie and Pierre Curie, but it's a crucial one, and very well done. Recommended.

This was a free "Audible Original" for March 2019. I'm reviewing it voluntarily.

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