Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Will Travel for Trouble Boxed Set #1 (Books 1-3), by Minnie Crockwell (author), Michelle Babb (narrator)

Minnie Crockwell, February 2019 (original publication February 2015)

This is a three-book boxed set of the trouble Minnie Crockwell gets into as she travels the US in her RV. A former federal employee, exact role, or even department, not revealed to the reader yet, she has through careful saving and having started young, been able to retire early. She's in her forties. She's also divorced from John, whom she is still friendly with, and truth be told in love with. He's now the chief of police in a town in Colorado.

Oh, and she also has a rather unusual traveling companion--the ghost of an officer in the Corps of Discovery, a.k.a. the Lewis and Clark expedition, who died of a fever on the westernmost point of their exploration. The ghost, Ben, thinks she would be well advised to stop stumbling over dead bodies, and failing that, to just leave the investigation to the police, but he can't help helping her when she ignores his advice.

These stories are just a lot of fun, especially as we get to know Minnie, Ben, their complicated relationship with each other, and Minnie's complicated relationship with ex-husband John, better.

Minnie is smart, funny, observant, nosy, not always as subtle or tactful as she thinks she is, and very kind and caring. How can she possibly not get involved in finding the answers to the murders she stumbles upon? Ben is originally English, but a proud American and (deceased) officer in the US Army. He's cultured, gracious, honorable, and very fond of Minnie. They "met" in Oregon when Minnie was visiting near the site of his death, and neither one of them really understands how they became linked, or why Ben can't stray too far from Minnie's presence. He respects her courage and intelligence, but thinks it is his responsibility to help protect her--which, as an incorporeal spirit, her really can't do. It's only been about  three months since they became connected, and they're still figuring things out.

The stories are a lot of fun, and Michelle Babb as narrator enhances them with her voice, tone, and expression. Recommended.

I received this audiobook free from the narrator, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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