Sunday, August 26, 2018

Two Tales of Korval (Adventures in the Liaden Universe #1), by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, April 2011 (original publication 1995)

Two stories of Val Con yos'Phelium as a young man.

I've often wondered how Val Con and the Turtle, Edger, met, and Val Con got adopted into Edger's family. In To Cut an Edge, we find out. It's on one of Val Con's final training missions as a Scout, and it's quite exciting. It's fair to say that Val Con and Edger have some similar challenges with the more hidebound members of their clans and cultures!

In A Day at the Races, Shan and Val Con do seriously annoy Kareen, and it's well-deserved. I'd have more sympathy for Kareen, if she were concerned that what they're doing isn't safe, and places the Delm-in-Waiting and the First Speaker at serious risk, but no. This is Kareen, and she's concerned about her very shriveled notions of propriety.

Both of these are stories of Val Con as a young man, before either Miri or the Department of the Interior, and they're a lot of fun.

Recommended. I bought this book.

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