Saturday, August 25, 2018

Fellow Travelers (Adventures in the Liaden Universe #2), by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, April 2011

This is a collection of three short stories about Moonhawk, a priestess of the Goddess, who in the time contemporary to Val Con yos'Phelium is also Priscialla Delacroiz y Mendoza, and her lover, the magician Lute.

We see the first meeting and adventure of Moonhawk and Lute, and a later episode in which they search for a woman's missing daughter. And finally, we see the events that lead to Priscilla/Moonhawk, centuries later than the earlier stories, to leave the temple, her culture, and the planet.

These stories are wonderful look at the background of a character who becomes very important to Clan Korval in the stories that may be more familiar to most readers. They truly illuminate Priscilla's background and formative experiences.


I bought this book.

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