Thursday, April 19, 2018

Flipped (Better With Prosecco #1), by Lisa-Marie Cabrelli

Galahad Press, April 2018

Hazel Blackmore is, she believes, in control of her life. She's on track to be the next equity partner at work, with a pitch coming up for the next project, which she is sure to win. She has some issues with her nutty mother, Indigo, and Indigo's crazy, always expensive schemes, but also loves her dearly.

Then a slimy rival at work manages to steal her proposal for the next big project, and her life is in chaos. She effectively has no work or income for the next three months.

But Indigo rushes to the rescue with her latest crazy scheme. Hazel should go with her to Italy, where she has inherited a house and some money, in circumstances that seem very vague and mysterious. Hazel will manage the rehabilitation of the house, and they'll sell it, netting a tidy profit. Despite well-founded skepticism about Indigo's plans, Hazel really doesn't have a better plan. So off to Italy they go.

Meanwhile, movie action hero Dean McLean is suddenly having panic attacks on the set of his fourth movie, and is coaxed by his manager, Adam, and girlfriend, Isabella, to take a break. Go stay with Adam's wife and her family, in Italy...

Yes, of course the same little Italian town.

It's very unlikely, yet very sweet and charming.

Dean has a lot to learn about his "best friend." Hazel has a lot to learn about the father whom she barely remembers, and what's really behind Indigo's crazy schemes.

They both have a lot to learn about what makes a real home, and happiness.

I really like the characters, at least Hazel, Dean, Indigo, and the people we meet in the little Italian town of Borgotaro. Borgotaro itself is essentially another character, and one of the most charming.

Very enjoyable.

I received a free electronic galley from the publisher, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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