Monday, April 16, 2018

Father Found (The Daddy School #1), by Judith Arnold (author), Tomm Dheere (narrator)

Barbara Keller, June 2014

30-year-old Jamie McCoy is living the carefree life of a successful, popular, newspaper columnist, with a very comfortable income, and no real responsibilities.

At least, until one morning he hears strange, mewing sounds coming from his screen porch at the back of the house. Upon investigating, he finds a tiny baby, some bags and a suitcase, with a note informing him that the baby is his daughter, Samantha.

Suddenly, Jamie has a major responsibility, and no idea how to cope. An only child with no married friends, he has no prior experience with babies. He calls the local hospital looking for help, and is directed to nurse Allison Winslow, who runs an educational program called The Daddy School.

Jamie is in for a crash course in infants and responsibility. He's also in for a crash course in Allison Winslow--who in turn is in for a crash course in Jamie McCoy, and in letting other people help her, occasionally.

It's light, enjoyable, and if it's not too deep, it does feature likable, engaging characters. Jamie may not be prepared to cope with the unexpected results of a vacation fling nine months ago, but he is determined to get it right. Allison is a smart, capable, decent woman who wants to help other people, and is, maybe, ready to get over her resistance to being helped. This is also the start of a series, and the minor characters are good set-ups for their own stories later.


I bought this audiobook.

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