Sunday, February 25, 2018

Curiosity Thrilled the Cat (Magicial Cats Mystery #1), by Sofie Kelly (author), Cassandra Campbell (narrator)

Random House Audio, June 2014

Librarian Kathleen Paulsen has moved from Boston to Mayville, Minnesota, to take on the renovation and modernization of the town library. She's settled in, made friends, and been adopted by two stray cats, tuxedo cat Hercules and tabby Owen, from the colony on the abandoned property of Wisteria Hill.

Then Kathleen has an unpleasant encounter with the guest conductor for the town's music festival, and finds the conductor's body the next morning.

She's obviously a suspect in the murder, and even though even the police don't think she's a very likely suspect, she wants to know what happened, and what it has to do with the library.

Things get very strange for her when her cats start to do really unlikely things.

Fishing evidence out of the recycling.

Digging evidence out of hidden spots in the library.

Walking through doors. No, really, through the actual door, not the open doorway.

Kathleen is coping with a contractor who shows up sporadically and unreliably, accidents at the library that might be caused by the contractor's carelessness (but he's a local and she isn't, so...), a bizarre murder she's sort of a suspect in, and...cats who walk through walls. Who are determined to help her solve the mystery.

It's a fun book. Owen and Hercules are very real and individual cats, and the human characters are pretty well done too. (Okay, maybe my priorities are a bit skewed.) This is a nicely human and enjoyable story.


I bought this audiobook.

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