Saturday, July 15, 2017

Due Diligence

Pinbeam Books, July 2017

Fer Gun pen'Uldra is a young Liaden pilot, stranded without his license because he was carrying something for his Terlune cousins. He's got a two-cantra fine to pay, and no prospect of paying it with his license suspended.

Abandoned by his cousins, with barely enough money in his pockets to by for a meal and a bed that night, it seems like a good prospect when an older but still attractive pilot approaches him. It turns out, though, that she's not looking for a night's pleasure, but a contract marriage likely to produce a pilot child.

This woman is of Clan Korval, of the yos'Phelium line, and looking to have a child who can one day be Delm, as her daughter Kareen is excellent in all ways except having the speed and reflexes to be a pilot. Fer Gun's life is about to change completely; he has no idea how much.

This story is a look back into the past of Clan Korval, of a time when the Clan was reduced to dangerously few members, and heirs were needed for both yos'Phelium and yos'Galen. It showcases both the scheming and the honor that characterize the Korval clan members exiting fans know better from the novels, and offers a quick introduction to Clan Korval and the Liaden universe for those just discovering it. There's intrigue, adventure, scheming, and a bit of romance here. At novella length it's a quick taste for new readers, and a quick visit for older readers. The Liaden series is one of my favorite comfort reads.


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