Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mother's Day: A Professor Molly Mystery #6), by Frankie Bow

Hawaiian Heritage Press, May 2017

Professor Molly Barda's money-motivated dean has another fundraising project for her: being the "tutierge" (tutor-concierge) for an academically struggling student whose wealthy mother is believed to be dying. She'll be tutoring him in statistics, a course she's never taught.

And Molly, still concealing her pregnancy at work, will be tutoring him at his home, filled with smells that are a challenge to her stomach, still queasy with morning sickness. Donnie suggests to her that they don't really need the income she'll be giving up if she refuses this assignment, but Molly is determined not to create problems, either for herself or for the next pregnant professor, at a school that sill hasn't totally reconciled itself to Title IX.

These little problems turn out to the least of her worries, once her tutoring starts. The young man she's tutoring is Bernardine Brigham's stepson, not her son, and she doesn't want him inheriting her carefully accumulated wealth.

Something very odd is going on in this house. Molly thinks the young man may be trying to kill his stepmother before she can cut him out of the will. But what can she do, other than remain alert? She has no evidence at all!

Once again, Molly and her friends muddle their way through, and arrive at the right outcome almost in spite of themselves.

A light, entertaining, and quick read.

I received a free electronic galley of this book and am reviewing it voluntarily.

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