Monday, August 22, 2016

The Jester (Riyria Chronicles #2.5), by Michael J. Sullivan (author), Tim Gerard Reynolds (narrator)

Audible Studios, January 2014

This is a short in the ongoing adventures of a group of thieves. In this one, they're seeking the treasure of a jester who didn't much like the people he entertained. He amassed great wealth, and had an elaborate, hidden tomb built. There's a map to the tomb, but it was torn into eight pieces hidden in different places.

At the time this story opens, our little band of thieves has acquired the final piece of the map, and is nearly there. They now have to figure out all the tricks and traps the jester used to protect his corpse and his treasure.

It's a puzzle story, and to reach the treasure they have to figure out not just what traps there are, but what the jester was thinking. Did he intend to stop anyone from finding his treasure? Or did he just intend to frustrate the people he hated? And how?

Light but fun.

I bought this book.

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