Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Sandman: Overture (The Sandman #0), by Neil Gaiman (writer), J.H. Williams III (artist), Dave Steward (colorist), Todd Klein (letterer)

Vertigo, ISBN 9781401248963, November 2015

Sandman is the graphic novel series that made Neil Gaiman famous. Twenty-five years after Sandman first appeared, Gaiman returns to it with Sandman's origin story.

The art is beautiful. The story starts off confusing for me, but comes together beautifully. The characters are developed in a fine and convincing way.

I hesitate to say more about this. It seems to me to be important to discover the story as Gaiman and his co-creators unfold it for us. So this is a very short review.

Highly recommended. Read it!

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