Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Cop's Eye, by Blue Delliquanti (author, illustrator), Michele Rosenthal (illustrator)

Published in Future Visions:Original Science Fiction Inspired by Microsoft, edited by Elizabeth Bear, Melchior Media, November 2015

Worknesh Kedir is a Minneapolis cop. Her partner is Municipal Eye V-16, a.k.a. "Vic," an AI able to access online data as needed for their investigations. Their current assignment is finding teenage runaway Lucy Vang, as a blizzard bears down on Minneapolis.

They quickly discover that her father is oppressive, intolerant, and is actively interfering in Lucy's school work, even trying to keep her home. She's exceptionally good with computers and programming, and he resents that. Her mother wants Lucy to be safe--but actually thinks she might be better off elsewhere.

Worknesh and Vic not only have to find Lucy; they have to find a safe solution for her.

This is an attractive, engaging story.. I like both Worknesh and Vic, Lucy when we finally meet her, and I sympathize with her mother, trying to do what's best for her daughter even if it means her daughter doesn't come home to her.

Granted her father, to the extent we see him at all, is a bit of a cardboard villain, and this is not a terribly deep story. I like it. It's good, light entertainment, and I'd like to see more, in this world, and from this author and artist.

This book was available free when I downloaded it from Amazon.

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