Friday, September 4, 2015

Beyond Sapphire Glass, by Margaret Killjoy

(c) 2015 Geneva Benton
Strange Horizons, August 2015

The narrator is an attendant at what might be a temple. and it's her(?) job to care for certain vital aspects of the place. She meets those who come there, wanting to go to the Sapphire Gate, and one in particular makes a strong impact on her. Those who come in good health must stay for a year before they can go to the Sapphire Gate, because what happens there is irrevocable, and the attendants want to be sure the petitioners are sure.

As our narrator reminisces about this one particular petitioner, we learn what's really happening there, and that even among the attendants there are strongly differing views about it.

This is a quiet, gentle, disturbing story.


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