Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Kiss With Teeth, by Max Gladstone

Illo (c) Dave Palumbo, 2014

Vlad finally met a woman as smart and dangerous as he is, and fell in love. Now he's living the life of a suburban husband and father, raising a son who--also has to learn how to act "normal."

Not inhumanly fast, strong, and possessed of extreme hearing.

Unfortunately, Paul has worked so hard to be "normal" that he's struggling with math, and Vlad schedules a meeting with Paul's teacher.

And Angela is a terrible temptation.

Vlad is working very hard against his nature to be a normal dad. Can he do it? Will Angela make it through the school year?

And if he can contain his nature, is that really what Paul needs?

This is a quietly interesting take on a vampire in the modern world. Recommended.

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