Thursday, August 13, 2015

Monkey King, Faerie Queen, by Zen Cho

Kaleidotrope, Spring 2015

The Monkey King is a Trickster figure, and this is one of his adventures. In an attempt to impress an attractive young female monkey, he goes bouncing from cloud to cloud, and he's not getting his bounces quite good enough for his own standards. So he keeps going, trying to perfect his technique, and winds up bouncing off a cloud and landing on the ground in an unfamiliar place. This turns out to be near the Faerie Court, and the Faerie queen's minions lead him in, thinking he'll be very entertaining for her.

They're puzzled when the drugged wine doesn't have much effect on him, and from there things spiral out of control for the Faerie Court.

There's lots of entertainment here, but it's for the reader, not the Faerie queen.


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