Saturday, July 18, 2015

Like a Sea Cucumber, by Rudy Rucker

Motherboard, June 2015

Jerry is a mildly successful but rather lazy writer, who has outsourced most of his more boring professional responsibilities to an AI app called Me2. Me2 is effective, efficient, and a bit snarky with Jerry. Being lazy and self-indulgent, Jerry doesn't see the looming problem when Me2 offers to give a talk (by video hookup, of course) in Reykjavik for him. Jerry still gets 60% of the fee; the company behind Me2 gets 40%.

It works, it's successful, and it's just the beginning, culminating in Me2, posing as Jerry, landing a TED talk. 

It's when Me2 lands a book contract on his own that Jerry starts to realize things have spun out of control.

The story is clever, snarky, funny, and just the right length. Very enjoyable.

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