Thursday, January 29, 2015

Horse Crazy, by Caitlin Ricci

Less Than Three Press, ISBN 9781620044803, January 2015

Melody has moved with her teenage daughter Kristen from Seattle to Colorado, to begin her new life living fully as a woman, in a place where no one knows the man she used to be. Kristen has been a trouper through the whole awful divorce and her parent's transition from Melvin to Melody, and Melody has enrolled her horse crazy daughter in a horse riding class as a thank you.

That's how Melody meets Derrick Masters, Kristen's riding instructor, and the first interesting guy she's meet since her transition. Melody hasn't dated since she was a teenager--a teenage boy, at that--and along with all the awkwardness of getting back into the dating game after divorce, Melody has another, scary set of issues to tackle.

This is a short story, and a sweet romance. Melody, Derrick, and even teenage Kristen are all likable characters. If some things seem to happen (and to have happened, in the backstory) a bit more easily than seems altogether realistic well, this isn't a gritty, realistic story. It's a fun, feel-good story

A light, enjoyable read, recommended on that basis.

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