Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Iggy Chronicles, Volume One (A Chet & Bernie Mystery eShort Story), by Spencer Quinn

Atria Books, ISBN 9781476703602, August 2013

Iggy is Chet's best canine friend, the little white dog that lives across the road with Mr. and Mrs. Parsons. Iggy doesn't get out much, because he's far too clever at eluding the fence, and the elderly Parsons aren't up to chasing him anymore--especially with Mrs. Parsons in ill health.

So it's a big surprise when Mr. Parsons comes over early one morning, awakening Chet and Bernie with the news that Iggy is missing.

Even more disturbing, at least to Chet, is that he can't pick up any scent trail for Iggy outside. He was in his house, and then he wasn't.

Mrs. Parsons had just been sent home from the hospital, and in the shock of Iggy's disappearance, she collapses and returns to the hospital. And while paying a visit to Mrs. Parsons there, Bernie discovers there's a new head of hospital security, and there has been a rash of thefts of patient property. He also learns that Iggy was one of Mrs. Parsons' visitors during her previous hospital stay, and did have one exciting run through the hospital during the last visit.

Can the two cases possibly be connected?

This is another entertaining short visit with Chet and Bernie.


I bought this story.

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