Thursday, July 4, 2013

Royal Flush (Her Royal Spyness Mysteries #3), by Rhys Bowen (author), Katherine Kellgren (narrator)

Audible, Inc., August 2010

Lady Georgiana Rannoch, a.k.a. Georgie, is still in London, living alone in Rannoch House, and trying to support herself with her cleaning business. Unfortunately, her clientele are all in the country for the summer, and business has dried up for the moment. She has the brilliant idea of hiring herself out as a dinner companion for men traveling alone--and this goes wrong in exactly the way you'd expect.

Georgie finds herself packed off to Castle Rannoch by Scotland Yard to avoid scandal. En route, she finds herself more or less coerced into helping Special Branch with a little problem: the royal heirs have been experiencing an unlikely series of potentially fatal accidents, and she is to keep her eyes and ears open, looking for anyone in their social set who might be responsible.

She's in for a series of bizarre accidents herself, along with the reappearance of Darcy O'Mara, the appearance of a gossip columnist in pursuit of her mother and any other scandal he can uncover, and the dread Simpson Woman, along with her humiliated husband, as a guest at Castle Rannoch, much to the distress of her sister-in-law, Fig.

One entertaining aspect of this latest book is getting a look at a Fig who has a little more depth than the penny-pinching, cold sister-in-law we've seen before. She is by no means warm and fuzzy in Royal Flush, but Fig and Georgie become unexpected allies against the unwelcome, loud, demanding American house guests foisted on Castle Rannoch by the Prince of Wales.

Georgie loves Scotland, her family, and the Crown, and is still, true to her own nature, startlingly naive compared to most of her relatives and social set. She's easy to like, and is gaining an education as she takes on these unlikely assignments.

Entertaining summer reading.

I borrowed this book from a friend.

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