Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Tricks (Andy Carpenter Series #7), by David Rosenfelt (author), Grover Gardner (reader)

Listen & Live Audio, ISBN 9781593164249, August 2009

Andy Carpenter is a lawyer in the happy position of being rich enough that he only has to take cases that interest him, and over the last few years he has come to be mainly interested in animal welfare cases. So it's not much of a surprise when a judge calls him in and appoints him to represent, and take temporary custody of, a dog who is the subject of a custody dispute between his deceased owner's son and widow. It seems a minor additional complication that the deceased owner was murdered.

At least, until the widow is also murdered, blown up just moments after Andy leaves the house taking the dog with him, and fifteen minutes after the departure of the son, who had had a loud argument with his stepmother. Oh, and the police think the son looks good as prime suspect for both murders. But he's the one the dog, and for that matter, Andy, likes.

So Andy finds himself defending the son against the murder charge.

The mystery gets nicely intricate and has a totally fair resolution you won't suspect until the end. Along the way, there's some nice character development on Andy, his law partner, his girl friend, and his dog. Yes, his dog. Tara is a treasure.

Becki's Rule: No dogs die in the course of this story. Andy wouldn't allow it.

A good, light, summer mystery. Recommended.

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I borrowed this book from a friend.

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