Thursday, September 8, 2011

UPDATED! Found dog in Weare, NH--do you know her?

UPDATE 9/14/11 Missy is back with her family! Missy's family had called 411 when she went missing, and were given the number for Weare Animal Guardians, a non-profit rescue group that, like most such groups, does not have a full-time staff. It took a couple of days to make contact; when they did, WAG directed them to Weare Animal Control, where Missy was safe and well. Missy is seventeen years old! Isn't that amazing?

Do you know this cocker spaniel girl? She's older, and a bit thin. Her only ID is a Derry, NH license tag from 2008, #1782. This tag unfortunately is from her previous owners, who gave her away, and we have no information about her subsequent owners. Her name at that time was Missy, and that's what we're calling her. She's friendly, calm, well-behaved, and house-broken.

Missy was found in Weare, NH, on Barnard Hill Road at the Rte. 114 end, this morning. She was very wet, due to the rain, of course. She's rather matted, which can happen very quickly. She is also quite thin.

Right now, Missy is with my friend who found her. At the end of the work day, she will be meeting up with the Weare Animal Control Officer and turning Missy over to her. Weare ACO is already involved, and if this is your dog or you have any information, please call Jess Nelson at 603-493-7834.

In some of these pictures she's freshly bathed and still wet; in others she's mostly dry, and fluffier. Please share any information you have or call Jess Nelson, the Weare Animal Control Officer, at the number above.  More pictures:

Inside, and a little uncertain.

Outside on the grass.

Inside, feeling better but still a little dubious. Where's my own family? she's saying.


  1. Poor old girl. Hope someone claims her soon.

  2. I hope so too! She's a sweet girl, and someone took the time to train her well.

  3. I've heard she is up for adoption after being retrieved from her former family...and they wish to re-home her or have her put to sleep. I hope she finds a loving home to spend her remaining days.

  4. Anonymous, do you have more information? I know there were people who expressed interest in her.