Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Snow, Glass, Apples, by Neil Gaiman (author), Colleen Doran (illustrator)

Dark Horse Books, August 2019

This is the story of Snow White, from the viewpoint of the Wicked Queen, who may not be so wicked after all. It's also beautifully illustrated by Colleen Doran. (I don't have to tell you what a great storyteller Neil Gaiman is.)

The Queen is a witch, and does use her powers to help win the heart of the handsome knight who is the king. She doesn't meet her new stepdaughter immediately, but when she does, she sees black, black hair, red, red lips, and skin too white to be natural. They do not take to each other.

But one evening, her stepdaughter comes to her rooms, and seems to want affection. It's from this point that the story twists in a very unexpected direction. All the set-pieces of the familiar story are there, but this isn't the familiar story.

It's beautifully drawn, and beautifully written, and carries you to unexpected places.

I bought this book.

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