Tuesday, April 11, 2023

The Hanging Tree (Rivers of London #6), by Ben Aaronovitch

DAW, January 2017

Apprentice wizard PC Peter Grant gets a call on a case that at first doesn't appear to be Folly business. A young woman has died of a probably accidental overdose, during a party at a very fancy address. No apparent magical involvement.

But Lady Tyburn's daughter was also at this party, and she wants her daughter kept out of the case. Peter owes her a big favor, and Lady Ty is calling in the favor.

All is looking good for keeping the daughter out of the case, until she says, in the middle of an intentionally low-key interview, with Peter and others, that she supplied the drugs.

 But it's clear she didn't intend any deaths. There's also something very odd about the high-end flat where the party and the death occurred, starting with how they had access.

Dr. Walid's examination of the body, in particular the brain, suggests what sort of "something odd" they should be looking for.

Peter, with DC Sahra Guleed, of the Major Investigations Team, investigate the dead girl, her friends, and the families. What they find isn't just concerning. Highlights, if that's the right word, include an underground pool collapsing on Peter and one of the dead girl's friends, a very destructive confrontation with Lesley May at Harrods, and another showdown with the Faceless Man. Festivities are further enlivened by teams (yes, more than one) of US intelligence contractors attempting to get hold of very valuable magical, or magic-related, artifacts that the Folly sees itself as the rightful owners of.

And right through the book, Beverly Brook is present, and Peter and Beverly's relationship is progressing. Peter's mother likes her, a fact which Peter finds terrifying.

It's a lot of fun, along with being terrifying and exciting.

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