Saturday, March 25, 2023

Killer Unleashed: (The Westport Mysteries - Chloe #1), by Beth Prentice

Beth Prentice, November 2021

Chloe is very surprised one day, when Betty, the nice old lady who lives across the street, says she's moving to a retirement home, at the insistence of family she's never previously mentioned. Because of this, she needs to surrender her beloved little dog, Theo, although the two have been inseparable until now. But she can't do it herself, she says. She's made arrangements with a woman at the local shelter, called Lucy, she says. Will Chloe bring Theo in?

Chloe is a people pleaser, and can't say no. But when she gets there, parked outside, Theo and his cuteness guilt her into deciding to keep him.

Within days, Chloe's life has turned upside down, and not primarily due to Theo, who is well-trained and well-behaved.

A drop-dead hot guy named Brody has moved into Betty's house. Another empty neighborhood house has been filled by a couple who seem distant, cold, and judgmental. Her friend Isaac and his boyfriend Adam are also her neighbors, and when they have a big fight, Isaac turns up at her door, seeking a place to stay.

Then there are the two break-ins at her house, another at Brody's (formerly Betty's), and the attempts to steal Theo.

Then her ex-boyfriend, who dropped her abruptly  and humiliatingly, is suddenly coming around again.

It's confusing and a bit alarming, but becomes truly scary when there are two murders.

It's a hilarious roller-coaster, with some real scares thrown in. It's icing on the cake that Theo shows the loyalty and bravery that those of us who have small dogs often enjoy.

It's a lot of fun.

I bought this book.

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