Sunday, December 4, 2022

Wacky Witches and Haunted Houses, by Amelia Morgan (author), Stephanie Quinn (narrator)

Meredith Potts, September 2021

Meg Walton and her police detective husband, Connor Smith, want to get out of their apartment and buy a house in their little town of  Enchanted Bay. But Enchanted Bay is a small town with not many people looking to move out, so every open house they visit is mobbed. Finally, they go to the least appealing one, the one with the lowest asking price and described as a fixer-upper. When they arrive to see the house, the real estate agent is there, but no one else. They're the only ones wanting to see the house, and the reasons are obvious. Fixing it up will be a huge job. But they're here, and decide to do a walk-through.

A woman approaches them asking for help, but only Meg can see and hear her. She's a ghost, and Meg wants nothing to do with a haunted house. She insists on leaving immediately.

At home, they quickly discover that the ghost woman has followed them, and that Meg's talking cat can also see her. Meg, Ellen, and Penelope (the cat) talk.

Ellen remembers very little of her former life, and nothing of why, having died, she's tied to the house she has no memory of. She only really knows that while the Pearly Gates are waiting, she can't get to time, until she resolves whatever the unknown problem related to her death is. Meg, Connor, and Penelope need to do the investigation the ghost can't.

It's silly and fun, and Meg, Connor, and Penelope are likable ongoing characters. Penelope is funny and sarcastic, and just as self-centered as a cat should be, but not more. It's a short story that aims to be light entertainment, and succeeds at that.


I bought this audiobook.

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