Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Unknown Number, by Blue Neustifter

https://nitter.it/Azure_Writing/status/1452324530182033413, October 2021

This is a piece of short fiction originally published as a Twitter thread, which is now a Hugo Awards finalist, and yes, it's really good.

I feel old.

A person on their phone one night gets a text from an unknown number, making the unlikely claim, "I'm you."

"You" from an alternate timeline, it develops.

This person had a rough childhood and adolescence, and eventually the word dysphoria is mentioned. One version of this person eventually got serious therapy; the other did serious physics research.

One of these routes was more successful than the other in dealing with their serious difficulty in dealing with life.

And I can't really say more than that. Just read it.

Even if, like me, you feel too old to deal with this crazy town business of original fiction being published on Twitter. 😲


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