Monday, March 28, 2022

Abandoned in Death (In Death #54) by J.D. Robb (author), Susan Ericksen (narrator)

Macmillan Audio, ISBN 9781250835512, February 2022

A young woman is found dead in a New York City children's playground. She's dressed in a style decades out of date, and has brand-new piercings and a new tattoo.

Hidden by a ribbon around her neck is a knife slash through her throat, the cause of death.

As Eve Dallas and her team search for clues, they also discover that at least two other women, of roughly the same age and physical appearance are also missing.

With the evidence they do have, Dr. Mira constructs a profile of a man who experienced a childhood trauma. As they search for similar crimes, they're finding nothing. Whoever their killer is, he's apparently only just started. And as they look for people who were in the area when the women vanished, they find they are seemingly looking for a man in his sixties.

What has happened to trigger the kidnappings and killings (they find a second body, also near a children's play area), so many years after the apparent origin of the underlying grievance against "Bad Mommy"? To find the answer, Dallas and her team have to piece together the identity of a woman who disappeared decades ago, and a child taken into the foster care system, and a very confusing, complicated family history.

The backstory is in Tennessee and Louisiana. The investigation is closer to home, and not only the reader, but Dallas, is forced to regard Chief Tech Dick Berenski as a real person. Meanwhile, in addition to playing major roles in the investigation, Detectives Delia Peabody and Ian McNabb are also renovating a large house along with Mavis Freestone and Leonardo, in which each couple will have their own spaces, but also a lot of common space.

The characters continue to grow and develop, and the stories remain fresh. Recommended.

I bought this audiobook.

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