Friday, July 19, 2019

Starlings, by Jo Walton (author), C.S.E. Cooney (narrator), Rudy Sanda (narrator)

Tantor Audio, January 2018

This is a collection of fantasy, science fiction, and poetry. There's a play. It's Jo Walton's first short fiction collection, and it's a delight.

There's a generation starship story, with a generation in the middle of the voyage forming new ideas about what the plan should be when their descendants reach their destination. Will they really all want to be farmers and builders and the scientists needed for colonization on the world? What about the unique arts that have developed in space? Can they avoid forcing their own decisions on those descendants?

An angel welcomes newcomers to Heaven, and explains why the angels meeting the newcomers are all of alien species--and the complexities of being an angel assigned to oversee an area on a planet that wasn't originally, your own.

There's a dark, alternate history story, in an America where FDR was defeated for reelection by Lindbergh, an America that went to war against Britain, not Germany, an America where soup lines don't necessarily lead to soup.

The play concerns a conflict among heroes out of Irish mythology, and an effort to resolve it by collecting treasures out of other mythologies, all over the world. It's a much lighter, happier, more positive story.

These and other stories and poetry make for an excellent listening experience, and is excellently read by the two narrators.


I bought this audiobook.

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