Thursday, January 24, 2019

Buried in the Fens (DI Nikki Galena #7), by Joy Ellis (author), Henrietta Meire (narrator)

Tantor Audio, March 2018 (original publication July 2017)

DI Nikki Galena, Detective Sergeant Joe Easter, and the team are juggling two murders--a recent, bloody murder of a prominent, successful, local businesswoman, and the newly discovered, unofficial grave of a man believed to have drowned himself thirty years ago.

It's not good, especially since they're understaffed--and moreover, Joseph is being stressed and distracted by his ex-wife, Laura.

The businesswoman, Madeline Prospero, was a member of a secretive drinking club, the Briar Patch, and this proves to be a problem. Many of the women are lesbians, and very prominent and well-connected--and still in the closet. Legalizing same-sex marriage didn't make sexism and homophobia disappear. Nikki is under orders to be very careful with all of them, and not to question some of them at all.

The thirty-year-old skeleton unearthed in the church graveyard is surely less urgent, right?

Except strange things start happening around his grave. The children he was believed to have molested, all those years ago, are still improbably affected; not one of them seems to have moved past it at all.

Then more murders happen, some connected to the Briar Patch, some seemingly related to the old skeleton. Are the two cases connected?

This is seventh in a series, but I think it can be followed and enjoyed out of order. Nikki and Joseph, Joseph and his ex-wife and daughter, and the various team members continue to grow and develop in their relationships. It's a rich, lived-in community of people, and the story moves and is interesting.


I bought this audiobook.

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