Friday, October 28, 2016

You're the One (Bistro La Bohème 0.5), by Alix Nichols

Sayn Press, August 2016 (original publication June 2014)

Natalie and Fred are living the life in Paris--or at least Fred is. Natalie is sadly grateful to have such a handsome man in her life, even though he has no interest in marriage, real estate, or starting a family. But Natalie knows she has to be grateful for such a handsome man, even with the fact that his work hours have lately expanded so much.

Her friend Marie suggests to her that maybe Fred doesn't take enough interest in her, but Natalie is not receptive. Marie knows better than to give unwanted advice, and backs off.

And then she discovers accidentally that Fred isn't really working late. He's meeting Jeanne, a waitress at the local bistro, La Bohème, and giving her all the attention he used to give Natalie.

But she also meets someone else at La Bohème, chess Grand Master Adrien, a friendly nerd happy in the bulky sweaters his mother made for him. He's not looking a Jeanne. He's looking at Natalie.

It's a nice, warm, little story about people finding what they really want. You're the One is a pleasant afternoon read.

I received a free electronic copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review.

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